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An established team of computer forensics and data specialists.

JAG & Company, established in 2000 as a women-owned business, specializes in the forensic recovery and analysis of computer and mobile devices; as well as the secure destruction of data for compliance purposes. We are an established team of computer forensics and data specialists.


Computer Forensics – Using specialized software and tools, JAG & Company identifies, recovers, and preserves email, chats, internet browser history, social networking, peer-to-peer networks, documents, file systems, address books, contacts, calendar entries, 3rd party applications, and more.

Data Recovery – The recovery and imaging of deleted or lost data can assist in legal matters that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • For individuals – wrongful termination, divorce, infidelity, harassment, identification of potential assets, etc.
  • For businesses – misappropriation /misuse of assets, theft of assets /trade secrets, malpractice, harassment, etc.

Data Privacy /SanitizationJAG & Company provides data lifecycle management support on mobile devices and hard drives for the purpose of reuse, recycling, or resale; erasing or wiping clean; and/or validation of electronic media.


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JAG & Company utilizes environmentally safe solutions.

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An established team of computer forensics and data specialists

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